Been a while … but we’re back :)


It’s been a couple of months of silence from us here at ePloof! But alas, it is silence no more, we’re back and on track with some exiting updates too!

  • First of all, founder of ePloof! Elizabeth is expecting her first born soon – in about 8 weeks time so it’s exciting times for us.
  • Second is that we’ve stocked new designs from Arty Frog Paris so the dinnerware has just gotten even more so better looking – watch this space when we feature the new designs and stock.
  • Third is that we’re so pleased to announce that one of our Japanese suppliers, Mastro Geppetto has been featured in the Monocle magazine. I came across it last Sunday whilst lazy in the sun…


The article is available for subscribers only… but sshhhh…. we’ve downloaded a PDF version for you – click on the image above.

I liked this article not only because it features MG but because it’s tackles questions we at ePloof! get asked all the time

1. In times such as these you are competing with the cheap plastic mass produced toys at prices you simply cannot beat, furthermore most kids these days engage with iPads and not wooden toys. What makes you think people will buy wooden toys these days?

The products we choose here at ePloof! are based on the philosophy that each product is something that we ourselves have bought for our kids or our friend’s kids. We believe in the quality and want to make them available to an overseas market. The focus is definitely on quality kid’s products and having the kids touch, feel and gain a sense of keepsake for belongings.

2. You’re based in Singapore…… Isn’t the average kid per family something like 1.2? Is there a sufficient market for the business?

We are an online business model, we ship internationally though we are based in SG. We do have some wholesale and consignment customers whom we value in SG and we’re aiming to grow this customer base. In fact, we try to think of it in a positive manner in that since each household has only 1-2 children. As parents you want to give your children a variety of simulating education toys,  some of which will be quality wooden toys.

Thus in many regards, we share the same view as Suhei Tominaga-san, “We do it because we’re passionate about it and we think craftsmanship, quality is something that people desire.”

We really love it when our customers send us pictures of their children playing with the toys too – this one is from London – such a brainiac don’t you agree 🙂


The full range of Mastro Geppetto is available at ePloof!

Happy Sunday all,

ePloofie, elizabeth

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