ePloof! is a fun and friendly online children’s concept store stocking exceptional quality products from around the world.

Founded by resident Brit Elizabeth, she worked hard with her Japanese friend, Reiko to find beautiful things for your kids and bring them to you right here in Singapore and Asia.

Together, we found that whilst we loved Singapore’s efficiency, safe and clean environment, there is a chronic lack of quality, natural, interesting products for children which much of Europe, USA and Japan enjoy. So we’ve decided to bring the good stuff here to share with you.

We’re constantly on the lookout and scouring the world for great products for cool parents. Many of our products are unique to Singapore – they are not on the high street or found online anywhere.

A lot of people have been asking us – How it all began……

Three good friends shared their passion for Japanese design, French style and more importantly, how we can share this insight with parents right here where we live – in Singapore.  Their regular TTT (Tai Tai Tea) sessions turned into hours of business brain storming meetings – to select and import quality kids products that they love, bought for their own kids or for family and friends.

In particular, the TTs have excellent taste, strict criteria and a keen sense of purpose – often discovering artisanal products and bespoke items passionately created by craftsman and loved by children.

And hence, that’s how this business idea was born.Similarly… people ask us what does ePloof! mean?

It’s a completely made up word, something you’ll find in classic children’s stories books by Enid Blyton… Elizabeth was inspired when coming across a line in a story book… “Here comes the weekend, the children woke up bright and early & raced into their parent’s room, jumping onto the bed with a resounding ‘PLOOF!’ sound.”   It signified energy, playfulness and the start of something wonderful for families to look forward to


About eploof

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