Musical Ukulele Featured in our beloved Babyccino Music Maestro Top 10



I’ve recently given birth to a little boy of my own too 🙂 and we have the denim navy blue ukulele playing ‘Hey Jude’ to him and he loves the sound of it! You can see him smiling and kicking around, I guess it’s just one of those lovely tunes that babies naturally enjoy! At just over 3 months, he will turn his head and look for it when it’s playing the tune.  🙂

Normally the range retails at $85.00 but they are currently on special offer at $75.00 until Monday 15th September and the stock is very limited indeed!  They are an ideal gift for newborns or for children who loves music. You can see the range available at ePloof! here


Musical Ukulele Featured and Loved by ‘Young Families’ Magazine editorial :)

Young Families Mag - musical learning

Young Families Mag – musical learning

How time flies, we are now in April! For me, preparing for motherhood is increasingly on my mind and occupying my time hence the lack of time to give updates and blogs to ePloof!

Many people think we only stocks wooden toys…… but did you know we also stock a number of selected, exclusive soft toys, room décor and prints?

One item we simply love is the musical Ukulele by a French brand, Olivelse. We’re pleased to share that it was also recently selected and featured in the ‘April Learning’ Edition of ‘Young Families’ Magazine in Singapore. The particular print selected is a limited edition of a Map of Berlin by illustrator Marie Jacobi.

Each musical ukulele is made with wonderful textiles by the husband and wife team Else and Olivier and there’s a number of patterns,  tunes to choose from. We stock mainly the Beatles ‘Hey Jude’ melody, the range is retailed at $85.00 – an ideal gift for newborns or for children who loves music. You can see the range available at ePloof! here   What do you think of them? Pssss…… We know of a number of parents who keep them for themselves too 🙂 haha!   As per the motto of Olivelse, each piece is unique and created in small series, we have only a limited number available at ePloof so grab yours soon!!

Ciao for now!


Ready to Rock your little ones’s world! Rockabye Baby

A perfect idea for folks with newborns !

A cool French friend had just given birth to her second little boy. She’s the one who introduced us to ‘Rockabye Baby’ –  an American company that converts modern rock and hits into soft gentle lullabies that won’t drive us up the wall after hearing it for hours on end trying to get the little one relaxed and sleeping. The great thing is…. no excuses for anyone not knowing how to help sooth the little one – esp.  Dad’s – you can hum along to the famous tunes too. In fact we tested it out (like all the products we carry) and we found that the selection of music is universally accepted – our Japanese friends who may not be familiar with English lullabies managed to get hooked and listen to the Beatles and Coldplay Tunes whilst rocking their little ones to bed. And even the toughest of dads vote this clever little invention as a ‘hit’!

A hit and we love it  – come and see our limited selection here. 


You can also read a bit more about all the hype about Rockabye on their news site. You can also sample their tracks too. 

Ciao for now!


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