Countdown to Christmas – pressies with a Wow factor!

Christmas pressies that WOW!

Christmas pressies that WOW!

We’ve been really busy with our first Christmas orders! And we get asked for recommendations for gifts that are interesting, unique and best sellers. We put together a list here: It’s the Atelier Mokku Trackball – a large frame, study Japan designed wooden trackball. Fun for kids and parents and even grandparents! We also recommend Uncle Goose – alphabet sets. Also Olivelse’s musical Ukulele.

Don’t forget, we’re also selling our goodies and stocking fillers with many items less than $40.00 SGD at Oh Deli – at 421 East Coast Road so grab your pressies there too!


Oh Oh Oh it’s magic – Christmas is here… no wait… Christmas is at Oh Deli! East Coast Road

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way…. It’s that time of year again. My favourite! A time of sharing, laughter, good food, catching up with family & friends and a time of giving!

ePloof! is a proud partner with Oh Deli this year for the Christmas period – grab your pressies for the special little ones in your life. The selection includes:

Ohhh…. and if that’s not enough to entice you, we LOVE the Oh Deli team because they make the best sandwiches in Singapore AND they stock quality fresh produce. So you can always stop by for festive food from Phippas (Melbournians, you know what I’m talking about!) Plus… a secret is that their coffee is FAB!!  Don’t take our word for us, go and visit them at East Coast Rd now.

They are found here:

421 East Coast Road
Singapore 429008
Tel/Fax:  +65 6440 4409
Customer Hotline:  +65 9743 6628
Store hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 8.00am – 9.00pm
(including public holidays, unless otherwise stated


In addition to ePloof! What else do we get up to?

Apart from launching ePloof!, I also spend a bit of time on a charity project called ‘Shooting TING causes’. Shooting TING Causes is essentially combining  my love of photography with a charitable cause – working with the Arc Children Centre. This is a dedicated centre for children who are suffering from cancer and are too ill to attend regular school due to treatment or weakened immune system.

It’s often the case we are humbled when we complain about misfortunes in our lives when we face a child that’s terminally ill and yet making the best of every moment they can with a smile on their face!

Sad as it is, … it is a fact that life is fragile and can be seem cruel.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have healthy children from childbirth to adulthood….

It’s often that when children are sick, there’s little mood or time to think about taking photos of their moments together so I wanted to offer a service where we volunteer our time for an afternoon to take some pictures for the child and their parents, and capture them in a classic, timeless manner as a keepsake.  The photographic style is black and white portraits of candid moments, capturing the bond between a child and their parents, friends and supporters at their time of need and illness.

Last Sunday, I had the honour to present a charity project I’m working on which is at the Arc Children Centre charity event.

The event was hosted by the patron and the chairlady of the Arc CC – Mrs Goh Chok Tong and Dr. Rita Yeoh respectively. The guest of honour was Mr Teo Chee Hean – the Deputy Prime Minister of SG.

It was great to see so many distinguished guests coming together to raise money for the centre and to talk about some new initiatives to engaged the children and parents of Arc.

Arc Children Centre Charity Event 2012

Arc Children Centre Charity Event 2012

So all of you who have healthy little ones, don’t take it for granted. Enjoy your time together –  play with them, listen to music with them, take photos of them and enjoy them as they are


ePloofie, Liz

Spotted, ePloof! at Kizuki Less Is More (Raffles Hotel, 4th flr)

Just a quick note to tell you that we’ve spotted ePloof product on display at ‘Kizuki’s Less is More’ hair salon at Raffles Hotel. It’s our favourite hair salon!  We love chatting to Eng Chong who knows all the happening things in SG and we always .. … of course share foodie tips and favourites.  The person who looks after my hair is Oba-san. He’s the one with the biggest doe eyes you can image. Ever friendly and spot on with what I want. If you are in doubt which hair stylist to go for, I would recommend you try Oba-san.

At the Kizuki salon,  you can see Mastro Geppetto Animal ‘NOE’ set as well as the Uncle Goose Classic Alphabet.

Please feel free to touch and feel with your kid’s too if you are waiting for your turn at the hair dressers 🙂

ePloof! at KIZUKI

ePloof! at KIZUKI
Kizuki Salon Raffles Hotel

Kizuki Salon Raffles Hotel

Drop us a note if you’ve spotted them and tell us what does the letters spell? I wonder where else you can spot our products on display in and around Singapore?…… mmmm…… Watch this space!

ePloofie, Elizabeth

Fridays = Busy Busy Busy

Today’s been a busy day! To kick start the Friday, a good friend helped me pack 200 pieces of wooden products ready for a marketing campaign with a beauty company that will be launching a ‘Mummy Box’ in October J Sorry but we’re not supposed to disclose the name of the company until AFTER the event… so… for now, I must keep ‘mum’.

What’s a ‘Mummy Box’ you must be wondering….No… it’s nothing to do with Egyptians… so fear not. It’s about offering a number of different skincare and beauty products that would fit the profile of a young mother. So in this box, we decided to also add a little something different – by adding our best sellers as a treat for mums as a keep sake and to let their children have a play – Made in the USA Uncle Goose Classic Alphabet Blocks and Made in Japan, Mastro Geppetto, Cedar Wooden Noah’s Ark figures. Each piece serves as proof of excellent craftsmanship, unique product feature to help promote what ePloof’s all about.  Wonder which 200 lucky women out there will be receiving them soon ? J Very exciting indeed. Have a look at the little bundles of goodness 🙂
ePloof's Mummybox goodies

After preparing the small gifts, I had a quick visit of The Fairs and Bazaars in the Hilton to check out the customer scene, layout and potential fit for ePloof! as I’m deciding whether it’s something that would be good for ePloof in the near future.  I only had 10 mins to have a look around and get a good feeling on the ground of the customer segment, products, price and general atmosphere.  From my 10 mins, the impression I had was that it was more handicraft and very mixed, clothes besides wine shop and home décor store too. There was a few kid’s related stores there but nothing that really stood out and caught my eye. I went around 3.30pm so there wasn’t a lot of people at the time, perhaps around 10 customers walking on the floor amidst the stall owners and assistants.  I’d been keen to hear feedback from anyone who’s actually traded at one of these fairs or visited…. What do you reckon? Worth us going? Plus, we’re excited that the ladies behind ‘Babyccino’  gave us the thumbs up just this afternoon :).
Babyccino’  is  a beautiful online portal of curated kid’s stores. Have you ever come across it?  It was started by 3 ladies from different countries,  whom all met whilst living in London. They soon became friends, got talking and decided to do something cool. Sounds familiar huh? 🙂 See for yourself, isn’t it just a great trusted resource for parents? Ideas are refreshing, they’ve got excellent taste, photography is inspiring and they have their fingers on the pulse in the world of the little ones. Oh yes, these ladies KNOW the kids and family market.



In fact, in many ways, Babyccino inspired me visually as well as conceptually when our little group of TTT’s were brainstorming what we wanted to create and launch here in Singapore….  Well… keep watching this space for some updates on that soon! On the Japan side, today we posted our first batch of orders for customers in Singapore who wanted to send the item as part of a gift basket to friends in Japan…… OK… so logistically that was a little tricky because we didn’t anticipate this demand.  Still, our wonderful JP team, Mr S & Reiko sorted this out and all went smoothly! *Gold service awards* Ohh…… I almost forgot, in between the visit to the Hilton Hotel and playing ‘photographer’ to my friends at the East Coast, I was pleased to find out that one of our good friends gave birth to a healthy little boy! Can’t wait to meet him soon. So… don’t you agree? Fridays ARE just BUSY BUSY BUSY! OK – off to Zzz now.

Have a great weekend all.

ePloofie, Elizabeth

Hello &こんにちは to Notes From ePloof!

Hello World indeed!

You may be wondering what on Earth is ePloof!?  We are a curated online kid’s store HQ in Singapore. Aimed to bring the best of what we’ve discovered, loved and selected from Japan, France, USA, UK to you right here in Singapore and Asia.  We ship anywhere 🙂

Today, we held our launch party with our closest supporters and friends. It was nicely timed with the September Issue of Parti Magazine 🙂

ePloof on front cover of Parti September issue 2012

Since we are a British/Japanese partnership – it was a very nice icing on the cake. That’s until we saw THE cake.  Oh yes, our good friend and member of the TTT club, patissier brains behind ‘Le Petit Patissier’ designed and baked an amazing lychee sponge cake complete with our little ePloof! truck… on a train track….  She has once again, outdone herself!

Our little blog is as much about sharing the journey of discovery into what makes a quality kid’s product as it about curating great kid’s products. Along the way, we meet artisans and concepts that we fall in love with and what our kids enjoy. After all, we just want our store to be jam packed full of quality kid’s products.

To give you an idea of our unique value in Singapore and Malaysia. We are the only store selling:

  • USA – Uncle Goose – full range of Classic, Pull Wagon, French, Dutch, Chinese, Norwegian, Lowercase sets in Singapore. Yep – it’s exclusive 🙂
  • Japanese wooden toy designer and manufacturers  Mastro Geppetto. & Atelier Mokku and more to come.
  • France – Olivelse and her beautifully hand crafted musical ukuleles – exceptional quality in small quantities is their motto and we can’t agree more.
  • France – Petit Jour Paris – The Arty Frog.

ePloof! launch on 1st Sept 2012

And we are adding more …. Please keep your eyes peeled for what we are about to embark on!!!
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!
From all of us here at ePloof!

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